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New Funeral Restrictions

Queensland Government legislation now permits only ten persons in attendance at a funeral. This includes the celebrant and/or the funeral director.
This is for all funerals whether held in a church, a hall or at the cemetery. As hard as this is, we simply have no choice.
The Council is putting policies in place with regard to internment at the cemetery.
People will be unable to assemble outside the Church or at a distance at the cemetery or we will be unable to continue. Individual and organisational breaches are being monitored by QLD Police.

My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one and are trying to prepare a final farewell.

In our parishes, we are offering every family the opportunity to live stream their funeral for those who are unable to assemble. In case the live stream breaks, which is possible, we will record a second video for later uploading.

We are also offering every family the possibility for a Memorial Mass or Service when restrictions are lifted.

Please pray for our families in mourning.