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Getting More Out of Mass

A maybe daily series of live videos exploring the Mass step-by-step, how to prepare for the mass, its words and actions. presented live on facebook.com/inghamcatholic and here at inghamcatholic.com/AdultEd. Previous videos and handouts can be accessed at inghamcatholic.com/getting-more-out-of-mass

New Funeral Restrictions

Queensland Government legislation now permits only ten persons in attendance at a funeral. This includes the celebrant and/or the funeral director.This is for all funerals whether held in a church, a hall or at the cemetery. As hard as this is, we simply have no choice.The Council is putting policies in place with regard to…

Mass from our Parish

Please find the schedule for Masses for the coming week at inghamcatholic.com/mass-live. Times are subject to change and we will publish a weekly schedule in our special newsletters which are coming your way.