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Announcements (Page 4)

Christmas Confessions and Mass Times 2017

Reconciliation Times for Christmas St Peter’s, Halifax Sunday 17 December 8.00am St Teresa’s, Abergowrie Sunday 17 December 11.00am St Patrick’s, Ingham Tuesday 19 December – 12.30pm & 7.00pm Wednesday 20 December – 12.30pm & 7.00pm Saturday 23 December – 11.00am & 5.00pm   Mass Times for Christmas St Peter’s, Halifax Christmas Eve – 6.00pm St Patrick’s, Ingham Christmas Eve  – 6.00pm &…

Changes to School Start of Year Masses

For a variety of reasons, the following Masses have changed dates and times: Gilroy Santa Maria College, Start of year Mass with induction of leaders— Monday 10 February, 9.15am, St Patrick’s Church Abergowrie College, Start of Year Mass with induction of leaders — Thursday 13 February 9.00am, St Teresa’s Chapel St Peter’s School, Feast Day Mass (Chair of St Peter) with induction of leaders — Monday…

Mass Time Changes Ahead

On Sunday 2 February, there will be a change to our Sunday Mass programme. The Sunday morning Mass in Ingham will shift to 8.30am. The Sunday morning Mass at Canossa will shift to 10.00am. The Sunday night Mass will shift to 7.00pm.