A Hospital for Sinners – A Training Ground for Saints

For a number of years, the Ingham Region Catholic Parish has planned the construction of a Columbarium (for the reposing of ashes) at St Peter’s Church in Halifax and at St Patrick’s Church in Ingham. In 2023, considerable effort went into the design and then construction of these columbaria. We are very grateful to those architects and engineers who so generously gave of their time and talents to make this a reality.

The Catholic Attitude to Cremation

The Church’s attitude to cremation has changed in recent years. Burial remains the recommended practice; however, if cremation is chosen, this is permissible. The only prohibition is that the cremation must not be chosen as a way of denying Christian teaching, or for reasons that are contrary to Christian teaching (Canon:1176), such as denying the belief in the resurrection of the body (Catholic Catechism: 2301).

Interment of Ashes

At the completion of the Funeral, the body of your loved one is cremated. A short time later, the Crematorium will contact the family and advise them that the ashes are ready for collection for placement in their resting place. When using a site in the Columbarium Wall, please request the Funeral Director to have the Ashes placed in a Columbarium size container.

Is there a Ceremony?

Yes. The family will contact the Parish to arrange a blessing and a service to intern the ashes and pray for the repose of the soul of the person whose ashes are being interred.

Upkeep and maintenance

The Columbarium will be maintained in a clean and dignified condition by the Parish. Family members and friends will always be welcome to visit the Columbarium at any time.

Any flowers or objects left at the columbarium will be removed and disposed of.

Plaque Design

The family has full discretion when it comes to the design of the Memorial Plaque, with the exception that any plaques featuring profane language or symbols will be removed and returned to the family.


The family will source and provide the Memorial Plaque. Please contact

The cost of each niche is $325 in Halifax & $450 in Ingham.

The full amount is payable upon reservation and refundable less a 10% administration fee.


Reservations of the columbaria are maintained by our Finance Officer Mary Wallis. Mary can be contacted (normally Tuesdays and Wednesdays) through the office or via email: finance@inghamcatholic.com.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions before making a reservation.


Payments can be made in person or online below. Please do not make an online payment until your have spoken with the Parish. Costs of card transactions are added to the price.

Columbarium Reservation Form

Payments for reservations of niches.

Location of Niches