A Hospital for Sinners – A Training Ground for Saints

We use Stripe services for the processing of donations via credit or debit cards. For information on Stripe’s security processes please visit here.  To see some of the many companies that use Stripe for processing online purchases see here.

If you would like Mass offered on a particular weekday, you will need to contact Marcella before making an offering. For weekends, you can simply use the form below.

In the “Mass offered for:” box please place the name of the person to be prayed for at Mass.

In the “Intention (RD, Anniv, SI, other):” box please indicate the person is recently deceased (RD), if it it marks the anniversary a death (Anniv), if it is for someone’s special intentions (SI), or for another intention.

In the “Weekend of:” box, please indicate the weekend in which you would like the Mass offered. If you are contributing for All Souls’ Masses, please write “All Souls”.

Please note that we only offer Anniversary Masses during November.

If you would like to request several Masses over the course of six months or a year, please us the general donations page and send an email with names and dates to the parish office.