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Praying at Home

Pray at Home

Sunday Prayer Resources

Make a Spiritual Communion

Unable to attend Mass, then unite yourself to the Eucharistic Lord by Making a Spiritual Communion.

The Parish Newsletter:

Pray with the Sunday readings, pray for those whose anniversaries occur at this time, reflect on the Sunday readings. Available from the front page of this website. If you would like special intercessions for each Sunday visit inghamcatholic.com/readings.

The newsletter can be downloaded here:

Sanctifying Sunday

A two page prayer resource for individuals or families using the Sunday Readings and with the same intercessions as prayed at Masses in our parish. Download here:

Televised & Streamed Masses

Mass from our Chapel

Mass is being streamed daily from St Paul’s Chapel in our Parish Centre into the homes of our parishioners. You can join this feed on Facebook or by visiting the dedicated page on this website inghamcatholic.com/mass-live.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Townsville

The 10.00am Sunday mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral will be live-streamed each week and then available for later viewing. Please visit youtube.com/user/sacredheartcathtsv.

Televised and Streamed Mass for You at Home

Channel 8 or 80 has Mass for you at home every Sunday at 6.00am. You can also catch up on line at 10play.com.au/mass-for-you-at-home (you need to sign up) or on a smart TV through your free to air catch up app.

Participation Aid

To assist your participation in Mass, you may find the following people’s guide helpful. The televised Mass For You At Home is captioned with the people’s responses.

Faith in Your Pocket

Catholic Calendar: There is no better app for the readings and for the official daily prayer than this app by Universalis. When you select the Australian Calendar, it will match the translation to our readings and prayers. Available for Apple and for Android.

Sunday & Daily Readings and Reflections

Magnificat offers Morning Prayer, Mass Readings, Evening Prayer and a variety of Daily Meditations. They are offering free access during this time of crisis. They are also offering free access to their apple and android apps if you sign up.

Give Us This Day are also offering free access to their resources which include Morning and Evening Prayer, Mass Readings, daily reflections on the readings and a daily Saint to meet.

Listen to the Readings while on the run or from your phone while seated at home. The US Bishops have an audio of the readings, according to their translation, that you can listen to each day.

Other Prayer Resources

Pray.com.au is a co-production of the Australian Jesuits and Madonna Magazine. It is a free daily prayer service, providing you with reflections on the day’s Gospel readings as well as other articles exploring people’s experiences of God. Each day they bring you reflections on the Gospel readings to help you connect with God in your life, while our blog is updated weekly.

Pray As You Go offers guided meditations on each day’s Gospel as well as examinations of conscience, the decades of the rosary, guided reflections on everything from insomnia to anxiety, and simple guided recordings for entering into prayer. They have apps for Apple and Android.

Hallow App is offering a three month free trial during this time of crisis. They have a website and apps for Apple and Android. You can meditate on the Church’s Daily Gospel passage and pray through the daily mysteries of the Rosary as well as over 300 sessions on different forms of prayer such as different techniques including Christian Meditation, the Examen, Taize Chant, Spiritual Writing, and Lectio Divina.

Sacred Space, a production of the Irish Jesuits, offers a guided prayer for each day with inspiration to help you centre yourself and a reflection on the day’s Gospel. There is also a printed version at the link if you would like to use this without technology or as a couple or family. And, of course, there is an app for that for both Apple and Android.