A Hospital for Sinners – A Training Ground for Saints

The Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism is the sacrament whereby the Christian community welcomes and begins the initiation of new members. In the water bath of blessed water, the anointing with fragrant chrism, the clothing in new white garments and the reception of the Light of Christ, new members join the life of the Catholic Christian Community. In the renunciation of sin, profession of faith, and promise of a faithful witness to the Christian life, and, with God-parents at their side, parents present their new family member(s) asking that they be formally admitted to the life of the church. Or, perhaps, someone of understanding age presents themselves for membership.

Booking Baptisms in our Parishes

Baptisms are celebrated almost every Sunday in St Patrick’s Church at 11.30am. Baptisms are celebrated on Sundays in St Peter’s Church, St Teresa’s Church and Canossa Chapel on request.

To make the experience as personal as possible, only two children are baptised in a single ceremony. When necessary, we will schedule another ceremony at 12.15pm.

One Godparent must be a confirmed Catholic 16 years or older. All other “godparents” must be baptised.

Ingham parishioners having their first child baptised are requested to make an appointment to meet the priest within two weeks of the baptism. Those who are parishioners elsewhere will need to contact their home parish to attend baptism preparation.

Please call the parish office on 4776 2600 to pencil in a date.