A Hospital for Sinners – A Training Ground for Saints
November 1914: The foundation stone for the Convent
(now parish offices and presbytery) was laid.

For over one hundred years, the Catholic Church has been at the centre of the spiritual life of the people of our district. It continues to play an important, if not central, role in the lives of thousands in our region.

Ten percent of people in our Shire attend one of our churches or chapels once a month on a Sunday to offer God the thanks which is his due or to seek his help. Thousands more rely on our churches and schools for the celebration of important milestones and for the education of their children. Through our pastoral programs: the sick are visited; the grieving are supported; and young children are taught the love of God.

This is only possible because of the generosity of generations of faith-filled parishioners who have contributed their time, talents, and  treasure. Thanks to them, we are able to reap a generous harvest of good works for the good of God’s people in the Hinchinbrook Shire and for the glory of God.  Please consider becoming a regular contributor to our parish works. Sow a seed today that will bear fruit for generations to come.

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